East Coast shows! (a.k.a The 3B’s)

It’s happening!

Here’s the schedule:

1.  BOSTON, Saturday, June 9th, 3-5 pm

B-Side Lounge, Private Concert (free)
Somerville, Massachusetts
*e-mail Carolyn at underwomanbelievers[at]gmail.com if you want to come and want details!

2.  BALTIMORE, Wednesday, June 13th, 8-9:30 pm

An die Musik LIVE (tickets are $10 — it’s worth it — this is a great not-for-profit venue!)
409 North Charles Street, 2nd Floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21201

3.  BROOKLYN, Friday, June 15th, 8-8:40 pm

The Way Station (free)
683 Washington Ave, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, New York 11238

Come by and say “hello”!


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