{{ golden sea tour }} from our homes to yours, california


Once upon a time, I took a random trip to Portland, Oregon to explore living a different life there with more music. I called the one friend I had there, and she said, “You should meet Dao Strom” and forwarded me Dao’s website. Being a little skeptical and thinking, um, okay, who is this Dao Strom? I checked out her music — and immediately connected with her gentle and understanding melodies and lyrics. I also was intrigued by her background as an acclaimed writer who wrote about her dual Viet American experience. I reached out to her, we met and shared stories, went to a show together, and talked about my new life in Portland, and stayed in touch when I returned to California. I didn’t move there, but I still thought of her. Fast forward to a couple months ago —

ME: Hey, this might be a little crazy, but do you want to play a show with me in Oakland?
HER: Sure, why not, and maybe I’ll do a little mini-tour in California while I’m down there — I’m releasing a new book and album — do you want to join?

And that’s where we are now.

Here’s where we are coming to you, California. Come join in the fun and spread the word! Tour dates and info about our new albums + book are below.  And Dao, thank you for your beautiful, honest storytelling and for supporting me in so many ways. I’m honored and psyched about doing this adventure with you!

Saturday, June 13, 9:30pm – Stork Club (Oakland)

Saturday, June 20, 7:00pmGenghis Cohen (Los Angeles)

*Monday, June 22, 8:00pmThe Airliner – B U R N O U T S event (Los Angeles) (*just added)

Thursday, June 25, 8:00pmLinnaea’s Cafe (San Luis Obispo)

Friday, June 26, 7:00pmBarmel (Carmel)

Saturday, June 27, 8:00pmThe Abbey (Santa Cruz)

Tour info also available at:

Dao Strom/The Sea and The Mother is releasing a book + album project, We Were Meant To Be A Gentle People (memoir) with East/West (album) this summer. In this unique hybrid work, she navigates the spaces between mediums (literature and music), shores, mother and father, language and memory. Her music blends emotive vocals with ambient guitar frequencies to explore the subtleties of emotion and aftermath, and has been described as “dynamic, meditative and honest.” This project was funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC.org) and the Oregon Arts Commission. Dao is also the author of Grass Roof, Tin Roof, a novel, and The Gentle Order of Girls and Boys, a collection of novellas. www.theseaandthemother.com

Carolyn Chen/Underwoman and the Believers is releasing her second EP, but first full-length album, no. 2. Classically trained in piano and a lover of film and indie music, she draws from eclectic influences to create melancholic, piano-driven music reminiscent of movie soundtracks. Her music has been described as merry-go-round-like and haunting.  www.underwomanandthebelievers.com

Preview East/West by Dao Strom/The Sea and The Mother: https://soundcloud.com/theseaandthemother/sets/eastwest


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