Can’t wait to cool off and play in the dark tonight at 7-10pm, Union St, Oakland. Let’s sparkle the night together.

* *** f i r e f l i e s * * ***

Fireflies is a music and art showcase hosted in West Oakland in the beautiful backyard of Dave and Elaine Kim. There will be music by Underwoman and the Believers, bokeh, and Josh and Yari! But!! This is not just an event for the ears… there will also be awesome fireflied inspired artwork by Olivia A Carter, Christine Ferrouge, and Zach Cotham!

Why Fireflies? Fireflies have a mesmerizing way of creating dots of light within pockets of darkness. In this way, we will have a fun evening of highlighting the work of a handful of artists during the night’s sky. Since we don’t have these delightful little critters here in the Bay Area, the artists of the night will do!

August 29th, from 7p to 10p, at Union Street in Oakland, CA. $5 suggested donation.

Invite your friends! Bring a date! Fly your way over!

All ages welcome.

Upcoming Tour Dates


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